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Autism Adventure Education - It's a BIG DEAL!

The College Autism Network Summit is NEXT WEEK! October 12 – 14, so we're headed to Nashville, Tennessee. This is our first introduction of Raise The Roof For Autism to the nationwide network of prominent universities with specialized autism education programs. As Bronze Level Sponsors, we hope to meet new constituents to learn how we can improve our programming and share it with more autistic students and their families. Dr. Lee Williams, the Executive Director of CAN has been very generous with her time and guidance as we begin rolling our our program for the autism community.

We also would like to formally introduce our new Development, Program Director, Stephanie Miller. She has an extensive background in the field of autism and will be leading the development and artful application of the entire Raise The Roof For Autism – Autism Adventure Education Program. Stephanie recently achieved her certification as an Autism Travel Professional. Learn more about her on our about us page.

We’re proud to see many Mercyhurst University AIM students and Raise The Roof – Conquer The Canyon alumni stopping by to visit with Brad McGarry at his home. Brad is becoming more proficient in posting on his Facebook, so be sure to stop by his page and share a story with him.

We are currently accepting applications for the Autism Adventure Education – Virtual Session. The 16-Week Class Schedule begins November 1, 2022 and culminates with a Grand Canyon Adventure in March! The details are here!

Please share this post and the new website with everyone you know!

Picture of the DAY! - Sunrise, Grand Canyon South Rim


Gene Taylor


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