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Raise The Roof For Autism


Life Learning
Adventure Program

Virtual Classes Begin November 1, 2022 - Get Details.
Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Approved  - Get Details.

Life Learning Adventures combines the structure of disciplined learning with the exciting world of active travel. We replace electronic stimulation with challenging new life experiences and the thrill of new and exciting destinations around the US and abroad. We expand participants' horizons beyond a flat screen with guided, tangible, and memorable real-life experiences. Through planned challenges and physical activity, our teaching adventures create higher-order thinking and executive functioning skills. Applied artfully, we help students and employees form and expand meaningful connections to the real world and the people around them in a way that is both unique and FUN! Best of all, our lessons are linked to unique and exciting places in the world! Many of our lasting memories in life are created when our experiences happen in a time and place that is new and unique to us. We provide the reward of successful accomplishment with a worldly adventure - a place where students use and codify the lessons learned into their everyday lives. 

Life Learning Curriculum

Life Learning Curriculum is a 14/16 week, evidence-based program that incorporates PEERS® Social Skills Training with visual time management, organization,  problem-solving and physical training. It addresses social competence and executive functioning skills and pairs this learning with a physical training program designed to prepare participants for a real-world, hands-on travel adventure.

Using the principles of behavioral skills training, participants learn and implement concepts of social communication, time management, organization, problem-solving, budgeting, and flexible thinking. For Universities & Employers, Families & Students

Special Curriculum and Adventure for Parents & Students!

Virtual Classes Begin November 1, 2022 


~ Special Arizona Fall Schedule ~ 

~12 Students ~ 16-Week Schedule ~

Sonoran Desert & Sedona Life Learning Adventure 


Life Learning Adventures

Getting Physical & Unique Perspectives


The Raise The Roof For Autism's physical training and preparation and achievement component is a life-affirming, confidence building and life-skills program. Our program  culminates with a multiday adventure to a world-class destination.


Each destination is selected and custom itineraries are built specifically to provide students with positive reinforcement and personal accomplishments. At Grand Canyon they become members of the 1%. On Mt. Kilimanjaro, they reach their peak without going to the top of the mountain. In Baja Mexico they can swim with sea lions and camp on an uninhabited island. On the Galapagos Island adventure they experience the wildlife from a truly unique perspective.


With each life skills building adventure participants are engaged in comprehensive, interpretive and interactive experiences with local experts, guides and professional educators in a safe environment. 


40 Seconds - Mouse Over For Sound

Ben Reinert, AIM Student & Masters Candidate

 Conquer The Canyon - Grand Canyon
Raise The Roof For Autism - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Voices From The Spectrum - Contributor, Peer Mentor

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Voices From The Spectrum




Raise The Roof For Autism's social enterprise is a platform where students on the autism spectrum can be heard, actively participate in the development and application of our programming, and communicate with management and each other.

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At Home, But Not Alone

For Students and Parents

At Home, But Not Alone

Raise The Roof For Autism's Life Learning Curriculum is now available for ASD diagnosed high school transition age juniors and seniors, and all university students . Our online 14/16-week program is for both students and parents and focuses on the skills needed for a successful transition to adulthood. 
Our program utilizes evidence-based practices, including PEERS® social skills training, functional communication training, modeling, self-management, executive functioning skills, and naturalistic interventions to further develop independent living skills, college readiness, and employment skills.

In addition to the virtual classes, students are coached through a physical training program designed to promote health and fitness and reduce time spent on electronics.  Successful completion of the program culminates with the student participating in an active travel adventure where classroom learning is transformed into real world experiences. And Real world experiences that are memorable for a lifetime.

How It Works For Parents and Students


14/16 Week Life Learning Adventure Curriculum

At the heart of RTRFA is an indelible link between the student, appropriate training and life-learning adventure.


The combination artfully incorporates skills learned in the virtual setting to a real-world dynamic, changing classroom. All adventure itineraries are designed to foster and develop group dynamics while exploring new places and sensory environments. Individual learning styles, abilities, and interests are incorporated to encourage choice based decision-making. We believe that once these links are solidified within the student, that they will have a lasting affect throughout the students life.

Comprehensive Curriculum - The Artful Application of Skill-Based Training


  • Social Skills Development -  Evidence-based training that reflects a core set of social skills that carry one through life. Through the context of travel, our participants learn how to form and maintain quality friendships and become active participants in the direction of their lives.


  • Executive Functioning Development - Key skills for travel and beyond that require planning, organization, and time management. Using visual and electronic approaches, our cutting-edge curriculum lays the groundwork for our participants to plan and achieve their goals.

  • Fitness Training & Preparation - Each destination is selected to provide a variety of physical challenges as well as for their ability to enhance the online training. Physical challenges are set up based on the team's collective ability to accomplish the overall goal. but are modified to accommodate each individual student. Activities are designed specifically to be non-competitive, reflective, and interpretive exercises where confidence building, teamwork, following the rules (structure), and social interaction are as rewarding as physical achievements.


  • The Life Learning Adventure - Adventures are typically 3 - 12 days in duration. U.S. based adventures begin at the designated host hotel located in Phoenix, AZ. Upon arrival students begin their adventure with a social pizza party where they meet face-to-face for the first time and receive an introduction to our team and each other. Our team remains with them every step of the way until they are safely returned to the airport to return home. For international departures, students meet at a designated gateway city/airport and travel internationally together throughout. US based RTRFA staff and local guides remain with them the entire adventure. 

RTRFA Qualified and Trained Coaching Staff


  • RTRFA Life-Learning Adventure Curriculum classes are held virtually, through an RTRFA staff-led interactive presentation. Online student/participant class groups are limited to a maximum of 12 and are facilitated by Masters Level Clinicians and Certified Educators.

  • Each adventure is accompanied by RTRFA curriculum support staff. All RTRFA program staff are trained in ASD and have experience in the practice and application of applied behavior analysis interventions and strategies.


  • Each adventure student is also assigned a peer mentor. Our peer mentors are all autistic adults, college graduates, successfully employed, and members of our Voices From the Spectrum team.


  • Each of our student and team leaders are specifically trained to work in concert to provide an interactive adventure that bridges the gap between virtual sessions and experiential learning. Depending upon destination, adventures are typically 3 - 12 Days long.

  • Safety is our priority. All RTRFA adventure guides are trained in safety, first aid, and CPR certified. Local destination guides are certified Wilderness First Responders or equivalent.


Join Us On Us On Next Adventure! - On-Boarding Process

All applicants and parents/caregivers submit information through our intake process to determine is candidate meets entry-level participation criteria.


Once accepted into the program, participant baseline data is gathered using standardized assessments. Participants and parents also participate in a motivational interview. Based on the results obtained during our on-boarding process, we assist our participant in determining individual goals and outcomes they want to achieve from their travel adventure. 


The Take Away! Participants can look forward to learning the following skills.


  • Social communication skills including conversational skills, using humor, rumors, and gossip, choosing appropriate friends

  • Time Management including seeing time visually and how to plan for long term projects/activities

  • Problem Solving including using a decision-making process to determine best solutions to common problems

  • Organization including using common everyday tools to help stay organized

  • Budgeting -including how to financially plan for your travel adventure

  • Physical Training including how to follow an individualized physical training program to ensure success and build confidence. 

Enrollment Open NOW

Virtual Class Begins: November 1, 2022

Participants will meet Tuesday - 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Minimum of 6 Students Required. Maximum of 12 Students. 


Life Learning Adventure - Sonoran Desert - Sedona Adventure

March 8 - 12, 2023

This adventure is geared for students only.


This adventure begins at 5:00p.m., March 8, 2023

This adventure ends at 4:00p.m., March 12, 2023


Special Curriculum and Adventure for

Parents & Students!



~12 Students ~ 16-Week Schedule ~


Desert & Red Rock Adventure

Applications Accepted and Processed in the order they are received. 

Day 1 - Arrive Phoenix - Welcome Reception, Introduction, Orientation - Dinner.

Day 2 - Metro Sonoran Desert Adventure - South Mountain Park, Superstition Mountains.

Day 3 - High Desert Adventure, Arcosanti, Montezuma's Castle, Sedona - New Years Celebration (Private).
Day 4 - Sedona Adventure, Bell Rock, Slide Rock and Red Rock State Park.

Day 5 - Sedona - Phoenix (half-day), Depart Phoenix.

For Travel Companions, Family Members and Parents


We welcome family members to accompany their student/participant to Arizona. We can assist in making travel arrangements and hotel accommodations during your stay that are separate from the participants. This is done to preserve the independent nature of the adventure as a life-learning exercise toward living independently. Companion and family members are requested to respect this for the benefit of their student participant and the rest of the team members. More details are available with enrollment. 

Pricing & Payment Options

Full Payment - $3198 per student. SAVE $400. 

Scheduled Payments - $3598 ($1798 Deposit, 2 Monthly Payments of $900 beginning 30 days after the first class.) We gladly accept all major credit cards. 

The cost to participate is from $3198 per student and includes the 14/16-week Life Learning Adventure Curriculum and Sonoran Desert - Sedona Adventure. Hotel Accommodations are based upon two students sharing one room. Airfare and airport transfers are not included. We will cover the inclusions and customized details of our Enrollment Agreement for each student.


Payments: A non-refundable deposit equal to half of the curriculum price is required to reserve a space. We will invoice for each monthly payments which must be paid according to the schedule by the date due and are non-refundable. 


Funding Options

  • Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account Eligible (ESA).

  • Private Pay.

Enrollment Information

For more information on program dates or to register, please complete our short online Initial Enrollment Survey. A member of our team will respond via email and make arrangements to fully present our program, answer your questions and assist you with enrollment.


Stephen Shore, Ph.D.

“As an educator and a participant in RTRFA’s Conquer The Canyon program in 2021, I appreciated the scientific structure and delivery. But the real “secret sauce” was in its artful application by the staff. Students enjoyed every minute of the guided trip and at the same time put their new skills into practice.”  


Special Curriculum and Adventure for

Parents & Students!



~12 Students ~ 16-Week Schedule ~


Desert & Red Rock Adventure

Proud Members & Sponsors

Pinnacle Peak

August 4 - 5, 2023 - Save The Dates!
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2022 Conquer The Canyon


A.I.M. - The Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst University


Brad McGarry Neurodiversity Center @ Mercyhurst

Student perspectives during their adventure to Northern Arizona, The Grand Canyon and Sedona.

This is a Raise The Roof For Autism Program.

Proudly sponsored in part by Steve, Marie & Matt James

The Rooney Family

PBKC - Palm Beach Kennel Club

Member: College Autism Network

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