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Pinnacle Peak

Aug. 4, 2022 - Scottsdale, Arizona

A Morning & Afternoon With...


Real Life Adventures
As Teachable Moments

"You have to stretch these kids just outside their comfort zone to help them develop.  Give them choices of stretching activities!"


Real Life Adventures - My Story - Employing the 4 A's of autism to a fulfilling and productive life. 

Sharing his life story and his first-hand observations with the 2021 Mercyhurst A.I.M.  Conquer The Canyon team.  

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Special Guest Panel

Hosted By Dr. Stephen Shore

& Stephanie Miller

Students & Alumni of the 

Conquer The Canyon Team & A.I.M. Mercyhurst University

Learn How We Contributed To 

Their Success in independent living and employment. 

Autism's Pinnacle Peak
August 4, 2022

9:00pm - 4:30pm


A Summit of professionals from Business, Education, and Organizations who are leaders and key stakeholders within the Autism Community.

Keynote Speakers & Presenters

Dr. Temple Grandin will be sharing her scientific perspective on the problems facing the neurodiversity community, the current state of affairs, how we can fix what’s broken, and build on what's working.

Dr. Stephen Shore participated in the 2021 Conquer The Canyon – Grand Canyon offered by Raise The Roof For Autism. In addition to his personal story, he will share his latest information about neurodiversity and employment, share his firsthand observations about how powerful real-life adventures can benefit students.

Raise The Roof For Autism - Expanding Horizons Through Adventure

RTRFA Co-founder Gene Taylor and Director, Stephanie Miller present a brand new program that has more than a decade of success. It's a pathway from academics to employment and independent living that starts at the edge of THE GRAND CANYON & base of MT. KILIMANJARO!


Learn what Raise The Roof For Autism is, what it does and why it is an essential teaching platform for autistic students, employees and employers.

Special Guest Panel

Students & Alumni of the A.I.M. (Mercyhurst University)

Conquer The Canyon Team

Meet students and alumni who physically trained, prepared for, and participated in multi-night guided hiking adventures in destinations as close to home as Grand Canyon and in distant lands to Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. Learn firsthand how their experience with us impacted their lives.

Space is limited.


A Gathering of 350 Industry Professionals 
&  Invited Guests

 $149 a person

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Life Learning Adventures Created For

Autistic Students, Graduates & Employees.


For Companies, Universities, & Non-profit Organizations


Life Learning is our proprietary on- and off-campus curriculum geared for autistic junior and senior-level university students, graduates and professionals on the autism spectrum who are completing their studies or beginning their life journey into careers and independent living.



Life Adventure is an active travel program that incorporates our teaching model and curriculum into guided active adventure learning experiences in some of the world's most interesting and exciting destinations.


Our proven program helps participants to build self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and self-reliance – all while expanding participant's horizons beyond daily life as they know it.

12-Week Physical & Life Skills Training that culminates
with a life-changing adventure!


Grand Canyon

NEW: White Mtns., NH | Blue Ridge Mtns., VA

 Sierra Mountains, CA | Jupiter, FL

Mt. Kilimanjaro | Galapagos Islands | Atlas Mountains, Morocco |Tasmania | Footsteps of Man, Tanzania 

An Intimate Gathering of  Industry Professionals 
&  Invited Guests

All Guests $149 a person

Proprietary Curriculum & Adventures

 Life Learning Adventures

Conquer The Canyon


Only 1% of the 6.5 Million

annual visitors to Grand Canyon ever set foot

on a trail below the rim.

100% of our autistic team members

are in the 1% club!

Here's Why...


Conquer The Canyon - Grand Canyon is our flagship adventure and the on-ramp for neurodiverse students to achieve the next level in their development of the life skills needed to develop their careers and live independently.

Our Proprietary 12-Week Dual Purpose Training & Preparation model is an on- and off-campus approach that creates in real-life scenarios for students or employees. Using a hands on approach, our curriculum teaches and reinforces critical life skills, social skills interaction, and decision making all while  

Getting Physical!

At the same time, we introduce physical activity and achievement as a life-affirming, confidence building and critical thinking exercise. Students are guided through a prescribed physical training program that culminates with a multiday adventure to a world-class destination.


Each destination is selected and custom itineraries are built specifically to provide students with positive reinforcement and personal achievement rewards. At Grand Canyon they become members of the 1%. On Mt. Kilimanjaro, they reach their peak without going to the top of the mountain. In Tanzania our Maasai guides them on a walk in the actual footsteps of hominids, and while walking in the Galapagos Islands they experience the science of wildlife from a truly unique perspective. Each adventure is not only a life skills building course, they are engaging in-depth interpretive and interactive experiences in some of the world most exciting destinations. 


4 Minute Video From Conquer The Canyon, May 2021

In Association With A.I.M. Mercyhurst University

Gene Taylor, Brad McGarry
February 2015

Ben Reinhert

A.I.M. Mercyhurst University Alumni

Conquer The Canyon

Grand Canyon, Mt. Kilimanjaro


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42 Seconds

May 2021
Conquer The Canyon - Grand Canyon
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