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"Where is Conquer The Canyon?

South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA. There are two main access points to

Grand Canyon, Phoenix and Las Vegas. We strongly recommend that you gateway into the

adventure through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.



"Do I need to sign up with a Conquer The Canyon non-profit organization

(.ORG Partner) to participate?"

YES! We partner with only highly rated non-proft and well respected organizations who are

committed to their mission. You can actually choose a Conquer The Canyon partner. Please

click here to see our current line up.  There is NO obligation, just information. Or, if you

don't see one you would like to support, please click here and tell us about an organization

you would like to see in our program. 



"Is Conquer The Canyon Wheelchair Accessible?

YES! With Conquer The Canyon, there is something for everyone. 



"The Grand Canyon is huge and steep. Can I do this?"

YES! With Conquer The Canyon, there is something for everyone.

The Walking Connection has developed Conquer The Canyon to accommodate walkers and hikers with varied interests and abilities. We also have created a multi-week physical training and preparedness program. So you can choose to walk or roll the famous Greenway Trail and Rim Trails that are up to 16 miles long, or you can choose from one of the many in-canyon trails that provide varying distances and degrees of difficulty. We'll help you choose the one that is right for you.



"How long are the hikes and how will I know which one is right for me?"

The choice is yours. We'll help you every step of the way. You can choose from a variety of trails. Each offers varying degrees of difficulty and distance. You may select the relatively flat and improved trails on the Rim that offer options of a 1.5 mile to a 16 mile walk/hike (2.4 - 19.3 Kilometers). You can select one of longest day hikes into the Canyon on a maintained trail which can be up to 12 miles (19.3 Kilometers) and 3000' (914 meters) descent into the canyon. You can select a very steep and challenging hike on a wilderness trail that is up to 7 miles long, but more technical in nature. You even have the option of combining several trails. Best of all, The Walking Connection will provide you information and ongoing support so that you select and properly train for the perfect hike for you.



"I'm not a hiker, can I do this?"

ABSOLUTELY! All you have to do is engage yourself into the training and preparedness portion of the program. You can do this by simply following the online training schedule and preparedness manuals provided, read your newsletters, participate in the blogs, Facebook and Twitter postings during your training. When you come to Grand Canyon, bring an open mind and spirit of adventure, and follow the lead of your EXPERT Walking Connection Grand Canyon guide. We will help you every step of the way.



"I'm an experienced hiker, will I be challenged?"

Definitely! First of all, there are NO EASY trails into or out of the Grand Canyon. The Walking Connection has led literally thousands of hikers at Grand Canyon so we know how to combine experienced like-minded hikers into small groups. We will get you on a trail and hike that will meet your adventurous spirit and challenge your technical and physical abilities. We want you to test your endurance and your ability to deal with a variety of new and different environmental conditions. Following your training schedule and preparedness manual will be critical to your success.



"Do I need special equipment and what should I bring?"

You do not need any special equipment. Depending upon where you live, the equipment you use to train will be more than enough for your Grand Canyon hike. In fact, it may be too much. In addition to your adventuresome spirit, you'll need sturdy hiking boots, a good day pack, light hiking shorts and COTTON T-Shirts! Forget the moisture wicking hi-tech thin material athletic shirts. They are NOT appropriate for this desert hike. We'll explain in detail EXACTLY what you will and won't need once you have joined Conquer The Canyon.


"How Do I Get Started?"

Leaning more or joining Conquer The Canyon is easy. Just visit our Adventure page and browse through the organizations that are currently participating. Or, contact us. We'll tell you about each one or you can tell us about your favorite non-profit and we'll let them know you would like to Conquer The Canyon for them.


If not YOU, WHO?   If not now, WHEN? 

Think Outside The Bucket, Adventure NOW!

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