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Autism Adventure Education


Raise The Roof For Autism


Autism Adventure Education
For Educational & Advocacy Organizations & Employers

Available Licensing & Participation Options

Our Autism Adventure Education Program combines the structure of disciplined learning with the exciting world of active travel, designed specifically for autistic young adults. 

We replace animated electronic stimulation with challenging real-life experiences and the thrill of new and exciting destinations around the US and abroad. Expanding participants' horizons beyond a flat screen with guided, tangible, and memorable real life-experiences is core to our mission. Through planned challenges and physical activity, our teaching adventures create higher-order thinking and executive functioning skills. Artfully applied, we assist students and employees form and expand meaningful connections to the real world and the people around them in a way that is both unique and FUN!

We meet students where they already are...

...on their mobile phones.


With purpose, we embrace it as a tool and connect it to the physical exercise required to complete each lesson. A new feature of our program is gamification through geo-caching to provide long-term and meaningful engagement with students.  


Our lessons are linked to unique and exciting adventures close to home and selected international destinations worldwide! 


Many of our longest-lasting memories in life are created when our experiences happen at a time and place that is new and unique to us. That is the definition of adventure.


Similarly, our 10-week journeys incorporate a large worldview, where students can connect the lessons learned to a place and experience that will be memorable to them for the rest of their lives.

Trading This...
For This...

The Take Away! Participants can look forward to learning the following skills.


  • Social communication skills including conversational skills, using humor, rumors, and gossip, choosing appropriate friends

  • Time Management including seeing time visually and how to plan for long term projects/activities

  • Problem Solving including using a decision-making process to determine best solutions to common problems

  • Organization including using common everyday tools to help stay organized

  • Budgeting -including how to financially plan for your travel adventure

  • Physical Training including how to follow an individualized physical training program to ensure success and build confidence.


Comprehensive Programming

All Licenses Includes Access To: 

  • Program Customization, Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting.

  • Marketing and Communications (Recruiting Students, Informing Parents).

  • Class Materials & Teaching Tools.

  • Integrated Adventure Travel Curriculum and Best Practices.

  •  Customization of curriculum to align with NACE competencies - 4-week summer virtual classes targeting these 4 areas - communication, teamwork, critical thinking/ problem-solving, & technology.

  • Customization of curriculum to align with NACE competencies - 10-week course to align with all 8 NACE competencies.

  • Customization of the itinerary to address specific NACE competencies. Assessment - PEERS® social skills assessment, NACE skill survey.

  • Physical Training Integrated Into Curriculum, Best Practices.

  • General Program Operation. 

  • All Travel Logistics and Destination Management.

  • Ongoing Support, comprehensive adventure itinerary – all travel aspects.

  • Student Management. For classes: 12 students maximum for each educator. For Travel Adventures: 6 students maximum for each staff/guide. 

  • Content Library, including prescribed narratives, videos, and images.

  • Digital and Social Media Communications & Support.

  • Voices From The Spectrum (Membership and Participation).

  • Special Events and Local Adventures.  

For Educators
Interactive Virtual Programs
& Physical Training

Available to junior & senior high schoolers and college-aged & university students.


Our virtual 10-Week program provides comprehensive staff training, teaching tools, lesson plans and materials, electronic communications, and ongoing support. Physical Training is a crucial program component and is managed and reported during the 10-week course. 


Chaired by Dr. Stephen Shore, this is a platform for self-advocacy and self-expression. Each adventure cohort is also assigned a peer mentor. Our peer mentors are all autistic adults, college graduates, successfully employed and members of the Voices From the Spectrum team.

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Autism Adventure Education 

Organizational Benefits

Provides a competitive edge in student recruiting. We help with virtual recruiting workshops & information meetings.


Provides students with new life-learning adventure opportunities every year throughout their high school and college academic careers. Our Summer Program is perfect for transition-aged youth and incoming freshmen.


Expands existing class offerings with seamless integration into your current class schedule.



2023 Spring Adventure w/Dr. Stephen Shore


Virtual Classes

Reduce or eliminate teaching and admin staff time and cost.


Managed data collection and reporting.

40 Seconds - Mouse Over For Sound

Ben Reinert, AIM Student & Masters Candidate

 Conquer The Canyon - Grand Canyon
Raise The Roof For Autism - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Voices From The Spectrum - Contributor, Peer Mentor

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Voices From The Spectrum




Raise The Roof For Autism's social enterprise is a platform where students on the autism spectrum can be heard, actively participate in the development and application of our programming, and communicate with management and each other.

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1-Minute Student Videos

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Stephen Shore, Ph.D.

“As an educator and a participant in RTRFA’s Conquer The Canyon program in 2021, I appreciated the scientific structure and delivery. But the real “secret sauce” was in its artful application by the staff. Students enjoyed every minute of the guided trip and at the same time put their new skills into practice.”  


Autism Adventure Education 


Dr. Stephen Shore
Northern Arizona & Sedona Red Rock Adventure


~ CLASSES BEGIN March 2024 

~Adventure Date: May 2024

~12 Students Maximum


Click Here For Information

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2022 Conquer The Canyon


A.I.M. - The Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst University


Brad McGarry Neurodiversity Center @ Mercyhurst

Student perspectives during their adventure to Northern Arizona, The Grand Canyon and Sedona.

This is a Raise The Roof For Autism Program.

Proudly sponsored in part by Steve, Marie & Matt James

The Rooney Family

PBKC - Palm Beach Kennel Club

Member: College Autism Network

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